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Pac Fab Swimming Pool Filter Parts

Swimming Pool Filter Parts, Pac Fab Pool Filter Parts

We offer a complete line of Pac Fab Pool Filter parts, Pac Fab, Purex and American Products are trademarks of Pentair Pool Products, OLder Pac Fab models are included here, but check other categories or call us for specific needs

Pac Fab Filter Parts, Listing of Products

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
Buy Me
PU-18255No ImagePac Fab 355078 Mounting Plate 355078$15.30
OR-18442No ImageGeneric O-Ring Replaces Pac Fab 19-142419-1424$0.65
OR-18101 27-2511 Click on ImagePac Fab 272511, Diverter Shaft O-Ring, Generic27-2511$0.05
FI-26283 273064 Click on ImagePac Fab 273064, 27- 3064, Position Bracket273064$25.22
FI-26282No ImagePac Fab 273063. 27-3063, Locking Pin273063$2.70
FI-26281No ImagePac Fab 273071. 27-3071, Screw, SS, 14-8.8273071$1.75
FI-26280 273062 Click on ImagePac Fab 273062. 27-3062, 2 Inch O-Ring273062$1.43
FI-26279No ImagePac Fab 273070, 27-3070, Retainer Washer273070$3.86
FI-26278No ImageGeneric Replacement for Pac Fab 27-3061,273061. Sta-Rite U4362SS, AquaFlo 99890100, SS Washer273225$1.52
FI-26277No ImageGeneric Replacement for Pac Fab 273225, 27-3225, 273057, 27-3057, SS Clip273225$1.81
FI-26231 V20236 Click on ImageVal-Pak Center Rod CHD 36 Square Foot, V20-236, Replaces Purex 072871V20236$40.47
FI-26230 V20260 Click on ImageVal-Pak Center Rod, 2060 Sm 39 Inches.V20-260V20260$44.28
FI-26229 V20248 Click on ImageVal-Pak Center Rod 2048 Sm 33 Inches, Red, V20-248, Replaces Purex 072872 V20248$40.47
FI-26228 V20272 / 2072 Click on ImageVal-Pak Center Rod, 2072 SM 45 Inch, 072866 Replace V20-272V20272 / 2072$20.97
FI-26227 V20547 Click on ImageVal-Pak Center Rod CFM 315 33.5 In, V20-547V20547$52.16
FI-26226 V20546 Click on ImageVal-Pak Center Rod CFM 180/240 27.25 Inches, V20-546V20546$45.15
FI-26225 V20328 Click on ImageVal-Pak Center Rod, CFW 150/180/240, V20-328,22.75 Inches, Pac Fab, Replaces 070665, Special OrderV20328$52.13
FI-18487 17-4880 Click on ImagePac Fab 174880, Band Assembly Replaces 174879, No Longer Manufactured, None Available17-4880$0.00NLA
FI-18486 19-1430 Click on ImagePac Fab 191430, Rod 1/4 Inch x 21,5 Inches, SS, ST40, ST50 Star Filer, Limited to supply on Hand19-1430$0.00NLA
FI-18485 191513 Click on ImagePac Fab 191513,19-1513, Rod 1/4 Inch x 28 Inches, SS, ST80 Star Filer, No Longer Manufactured, None Available191513$0.00NLA
FI-18484 19-1948 Click on ImagePac Fab 191948, Rod 1/4 Inch x 15 Inches, SS, ST35 Star Filer19-1948$17.44
FI-18483 19-1437 Click on ImagePac Fab 191437, Check Valve Assembly, No Longer Manufactured, None Available19-1437$35.23NLA
FI-18482 19-1512 Click on ImagePac Fab 191512, Center Pipe with Diffuser, ST48019-1512$78.72
FI-18481 19-1483 Click on ImagePac Fab 191483, Center Pipe with Diffuser, ST40/ST50. No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialble19-1483 $0.00NLA
FI-18480 19-1942 Click on ImagePac Fab 191942, Center Pipe with Diffuser, No Longer Manufactured, None Avsilable19-1942 $0.00NLA
FI-18479 191467 Click on ImagePac Fab 191467, 19-1467, Bottom Grid Retainer191467$53.96
FI-18478 19-1510 Click on ImagePac Fab 191510 Full Grid, Star 80 Filter19-1510$44.18
FI-18477 19-1322 Click on ImagePac Fab 191322, TU66 Full Grid19-1322$34.21
FI-18476 191321 Click on ImagePac Fab 191321, 19-1321, TU44 Full Grid191321$34.44
FI-18193 71-1004 Click on ImagePurex 711004 ,Hose Clamp, 1.5 Inch Hose71-1004$5.02
FI-18192 71-1006 Click on ImagePurex 711006, Adapter, 1.5 Inch Hose71-1006$4.93
FI-18191 26-1177 Click on ImagePac Fab 261177, Plumbed Multiport BackWash Valve. 7.5 Inches Centerline, Used On FNS Plus Filter26-1177$192.51
FI-18190 190059 Click on ImagePac Fab 190059, 19-0059 Back Mount Pressure Gauge, 0.25 Inch, 0-60 PSIG 190059$43.26

1 - 33 of 33

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