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Swimming Pool Automation, Auto Pilot Parts

Auto Pilot Parts

Swimming Pool Automation makes maintaining swimming pools easier. Automation includes chlorine generators, Alternate forms of Sanitizing pools such as Carefree ionizers as well as electric valves. For general information on alternate forms of swimming Pool automation Click Here

Auto Pilot Parts, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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CH-10154No ImageAutoPilot DIG-Fan, Digital Fan Assembly, Total Control, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableDIGFAN$0.00NLA
CH-10153No ImageAutoPilot 833W , Digital Control Board Only, Controller Compatible With DIG-220, No Longer Manufactured, None Available833W$0.00NLA
CH-10152No ImageAutoPilot 16084, Soft Touch, Digital Power Module16084$721.42
CH-10151No ImageAutoPilot 828W, Soft Touch Control Board Only, No Longer Manufactured, None Available828W$0.00NLA
CH-10150No ImageAutoPilot 15531, Soft Touch and Digital Pump Relay, 15531, No Longer Manufactured, None Available15531$0.00NLA
CH-10143No ImageAutoPilot ST15, Soft Touch 220 With CC15 Manifold, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableST15$0.00NLA
CH-10127 APA0039 Click on ImageAutoPilot APA0039, Tri Sensor Assembly With 24 Foot Cord, All Models Except Professional. Special OrderAPA0039$361.28
CH-10126 952STDIG24 Click on ImageAutoPilot 952-ST, DIG-24, Soft Touch and Digital 24 Foot Cord 952STDIG24$153.22
CH-10125 APA0003 Click on ImageAutoPilot APA0003, Tri Sensor Assembly With 12 Foot Cord, All Models Except ProfessionalAPA0003$294.38
CH-10124 952STDIG Click on ImageAutoPilot 952-STDIG, Soft Touch and Digital 12 Foot Cord Only952STDIG$113.22
CH-10122No ImageAutoPilot RC42, Residential Replacement Cell With 7 Blades, Replaces RC-7. SC48AP250$678.44
CH-10120 94113 Click on ImageAutoPilot 94113, RC52, SC60 Manifold With Cell and Base94113$967.41
CH-10118 94107 Click on ImageAutoPilot 94107, RC42, SC48 Manifold With Cell and Base94107$957.89
CH-10116 94105 Click on ImageAutoPilot 94105, RC35,SC36, Manifold With Cell and Base94105$642.43
CH-10114 94115C Click on ImageAutoPilot 941-15C, CC15, Single Commercial Cell With Manifold, No Longer Manufactured, None Available94115C$0.00NLA
CH-10113 SC52 Click on ImageAutoPilot SC-52 , Replacement Cell With Unions, Soft Touch and Digital, No Manifold, RC-52SC52$967.41
CH-10111 SC36 Click on ImageAutoPilot SC-36 Replacement Cell With Unions, Soft Touch and Digital, No Manifold, RC-35, RC22SC36$0.00NLA

1 - 17 of 17

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Swimming Pool Automation

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