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Swimming Pool Automation, Pentair Pool Products

Petair Automation Controls

Swimming Pool Automation makes maintaining swimming pools easier. Automation includes chlorine generators, Alternate forms of Sanitizing pools such as Carefree ionizers as well as electric valves. For general information on alternate forms of swimming Pool automation Click Here.

Pentair Automation Parts, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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AU-19020 RLYLXD Click on ImagePentair RLYLXD, 2 Speed Relay Kit for Pentair CompoolRLYLXD$213.68
AU-19019 521248Z Click on ImagePentair Intellichlor Power Supply Fuse Holder, 521248Z521248Z$47.21
AU-19017 521218 Click on ImagePentair Intellichlor SCG Surge Board PCBA, 521218521218$309.78
AU-19015 521147 Click on ImagePentair Intellichlor O-Rings, 521147, Pkg of 10521147$14.12
AU-19013 520736 Click on ImagePentair Intellichlor Flow Switch, 520736520736$245.32
AU-19011 520670 Click on ImagePentair Intellichlor Acid Cleaning Kit, 520670520670$32.41
AU-19009 520595 Click on ImagePentair Intellichlor Replacement Unions, 520595520595$43.49
AU-19007 520594 Click on ImagePentair Intellichlor Diagnostic Wand, 520594, Special Order520594$181.52
AU-19005 520556 Click on ImagePentair Intellichlor Power Supply for IC20, IC40 or IC 60 Cell, 520556, Due to Manufacturer's restrictions we cannot offer this 520556$0.00NLA
AU-19003 520555 Click on ImagePentair Intellichlor IC40 Cell, 520555. Pools up to 40,000 Gallons520555$1,331.14
AU-19000 520554 Click on ImagePentair Intellichlor IC20 Cell, 520554, Pools Up to 20,000 Gallons520554$1,263.99

1 - 11 of 11

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Swimming Pool Automation

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