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Swimming Pool Chemicals, Algaecides

Swimming Pool Algaecides

An algaecide is a chemical that aids in the killing of Algae in a swimming Pool. Besides a number of speciality algaecides the two most popular are copper based algaecide and Quat based algaecides.
Copper Algaecide quickly takes care of existing algae while providing protection from future algae growth eliminating algae and keeping your pool clean. Copper-based algaecides use copper to treat algae growth, and are most effective against mustard and green types of algae and are non-foaming. If used improperly staining of the pool surface can occur.
Quaternary Algaecides, “quat" or “poly quat" are quaternary ammonium compounds), are very effective at killing most types of pool algae contamination, including green, chlorine-resistant mustard and even black algae. These algaecides are safer to use than a copper based algaecide because they will not stain a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Chemicals, Algaecides, Product Listing

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XX-00073No ImageYellow Stop or Yellow-Out - Please Search on Yellow Eliminator70625$9.77Reference Only
XX-00003No ImageYellowtrine or Yellow trine -- Please Search on Yellow EliminatorYellowtrine$9.77Reference Only
XX-00002No ImageYellow Stop or Yellow-Out - Please Search on Yellow Eliminator70625$9.77Reference Only
CH-01022 CS1003 Click on ImageYellow Out, 2 PoundsCS1003$13.80
CH-01010ANo ImageAll Clear, Green Algaecide, Copper 7.1 percent, GallonAQT1077$31.04
CH-01009A AQT1079 Click on ImageAll Clear Black Algaecide, QuartAQT1079$14.31
CH-01008 AQT1084 Click on ImageAll Clear, Granulated 90 percent Chlorine, 10 Pounds Algae Kill, Five 2 Pound ContainersAQT1084$39.38
CH-01007A AQT1083 Click on ImageAll Clear, Granulated 90 percent Chlorine, 6 Pounds Algae Kill, Three 2 Pound ContainersAQT1083$27.41
CH-01006A AQT1076 Click on ImageAll Clear, Green Algaecide, Copper 7.1 percentAQT1076$9.14
CH-01006 PTAL402 Click on ImageProtech, Copper Algaecide, 7.1 percentPTAL402$9.14
CH-01004PNo ImageProtech,Poly 60 Algaecide, 32 ouncesPTAL406$16.65
CH-01004A AQT1090 Click on ImageAll Clear, Concentrated Algaecide 60AQT1090$18.69
CH-01003ANo ImageAll Clear All Purpose AlgaecideAQT1092$9.74
CH-01002 AQT2010 Click on ImageAll Clear Mustard Knockout, 2 LbsAQT2010$18.59
CH-01001 AQT2015 Click on ImageAll Clear, Yellow EliminatorAQT2015$9.77

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