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Swimming Pool Chemicals, pH Increasers, pH Decreaser

pH Increasers and pH Decreaser

pH is a measure of how acid or basic a liquid such as water is. The pH scale is 0 to 14, A pH of 7 is neutral it is neither acidic (below 7) or basic above 7. Maintaining the proper pH for swimming pools is perhaps the most significant factor in balancing swimming pool water. The ideal range for swimming pool water is 7.4-7.6, although 7.2 to 7.8 is generally acceptable. At a pH of 7.4-7.6 chlorine works most effectively, at lower pH's the chlorine is more active and at higher pH's it is less active. When the pH of the swimming pool water is high, Acid needs to be added to the swimming pool to lower the pH if the pH is higher than the acceptable range. When the pH is low, a base must be added to the water to increase the pH. It is important to remember that it might be difficult to change the pH if the alkalinity of the pool is high, the purpose of the alkalinity in a swimming pool is prevent pH bounce, therefore reducing the alkalinity might be necessary if the pH is high. If the pH is very low adding small amounts of soda ash will increase the pH, if the pH is only slightly lower than the acceptable range adding alkalinity increaser typically will increase the pH very slightly

pH Increasers and pH Decreaser, Product Listing

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CH-00334No ImageLeisure Time pH Balance Plus / Hard Water 3 Pound, Each45410A$32.44
CH-00333No ImageLeisure Time pH Balance Plus / Hard Water, 3 Pound, 6 Per Case 45410A$194.74
CH-00332ANo ImageAll Clear, Dry Acid, 6lbsAQT1098$14.11
CH-00330No ImageAll Clear Dry Acid, 2 LbsAQT1097$5.27
CH-00312No ImageGLB pH UP , 8 Pound, EachGL71249EACH $13.64
CH-00311No ImageGLB 8 Pound pH UP Case Of 4GL71249 $50.85
CH-00310No ImageGLB 2 Pound pH UPGL71244EACH $4.48
CH-00309No ImageSoda Ash, 50 Lbs. BagAQT1074$35.20
CH-00308No ImageAll Clear, Soda Ash, 10 lbsAQT1072$26.15
CH-00307No ImageGLB 2 Pound PH UP Case Of 1271244A$54.96
CH-00306No ImageGLB 10 Pound pH DownGL71242EACH$16.17
CH-00305No ImageGLB 10 Pound pH DownCase Of 4 71242A$64.68
CH-00304No ImageGLB pH Down, 4 Pound, Case Of 971240A$66.68
CH-00303No ImageGLB pH Down, 2 Pound, Case Of 1271238A$46.67
CH-00302 AQT1071 Click on ImageAll Clear, pH Up, pH Riser, Soda Ash, 5 lbs (Out of Stcck)AQT1071$17.55
CH-00301 AQT1070 Click on ImageAll Clear, pH Up, pH Riser, Soda Ash, 2 lbsAQT1070$7.57

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