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Swimming Pool Chemicals, Water Clarifiers

Water Clarifiers

Clarifies are added to the swimming pool water to aid the filter in clearing cloudy water faster than the filter would do so on its own, Clarifies helps prevents hazy water from recurring, improves filter efficiency by removing dirt particles and allows for swimming immediately after treatment. Before adding a clarifier,Check your pH as one cause of cloudy water is high pH.

Water Clarifiers, Product Listing

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CH-00621No ImageOrenda CV-600 Enzyme Water Cleaner 1 GallonCV600$78.66
CH-00620 CV600 Click on ImageOrenda CV-600 Enzyme Water Cleaner 1 QuartCV600$24.58
CH-00441PNo ImageProtech, Super Clarifier, 32 OuncesPTSP517100$6.84
CH-00441A AQT2013 Click on ImageAll Clear, Clarifier, 32 OuncesAQT2013$7.19
CH-00441 20154 Click on ImageRobarb, Super Blue Clarifier, 32 ounces20154$14.08
CH-00440No ImageRobarb, Super Blue 8 oz.ADV20154$11.53
CH-00433 GLB91 Click on ImageGLB, Drop And Vac, 32 OuncesGLB91$18.50

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