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Swimming Pool Pump Parts, Compete Listing of all Items

Swimming Pool Pump Parts

There are many manufacturers of pump parts, American Products, Purex, Pac Fab, Sta-Rite, Jandy, Jacuzzi and Pentair. Within each brand there are numerous models of pumps. With the merger of many brands, many pumps are no longer manufactured or have been assimilated into new product brands.

Pool Pump Parts, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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PU-19199No ImagePentair Intelliflo Drive Kit, 35-6879Z 35-6879Z$1,114.34
PU-19198 073126 Click on ImagePentair 073126 Impeller 1/2HP WFE-2 1000 Series073126$99.12
PU-19192No ImagePentair 356629S 3 HP Motor, 3 Phase Square Flange 208/230/460V, Special Order356629S$667.53
PU-19189No ImagePentair 356628S 2 HP Motor, 3 Phase, Square Flange. 208/230/460V356628S$537.50
PU-19186No ImagePentair 356627S 1.5 HP Motor, 3 Phase, Square Flange, Special order356627S$468.60
PU-19183No ImagePentair 356626S 1HP Motor, Square Flange 208/230/460V 3 Phase, Replace with 354805S356626S$379.32
PU-19180No ImagePentair 355398S WFK-12 Motor, Square Flange 3HP 208/230/460V, 3 Phase, Black, Special Order355398S$632.81
PU-19177No ImagePentair 355205S WFK-8 Motor, Square Flange 2HP 208/230V, 3 Phase, Black355205S$522.77
PU-19174No ImagePentair 355204S WFK-6 Motor, Square Flange 1.5 HP 208/230V, 3 Phase355204S$468.60
PU-19171No ImagePentair 355203S WFK-4 Motor 1HP, 3 Phase, 1 Black 1 Speed, 230/115V355203S$376.89
PU-19168No ImagePentair 075237S 3 HP Motor, Square Flange 230V, WF-12, Standard Efficiency, Single Phase, Replace with 355033S075237S$450.75
PU-19165No ImagePentair 075236S 2 HP Motor, Square Flange 230V WF-8, Single Phase. Replace with 355026S075236S$473.37
PU-19162No ImagePentair 075235S 1.5 HP Motor, WF-6, Standard Efficiency, Single Phase075235S$402.03
PU-19159No ImagePentair 075234S 1 HP Motor, WF-4, Standard Efficiency, Single Phase075234S$324.50
PU-19156 075233S Click on ImagePentair 075233S 0.75 HP Motor, Square Flange 115/230V WF-3, Standard Efficiency, Single Phase075233S$330.71
PU-19153 075232S Click on ImageGeneric Replacement for Pentair 075232S, 0.5 HP Motor, Square Flange 115/230V WF-2, Standard Efficiency, Original NLA075232S$239.33
PU-19150 071321S Click on ImagePentair 071321S 2 HP Motor, 2 Speed, 230V WFDS-8, Single Phase, Special Order071321S$614.13
PU-19147No ImageAO Smith Replacement Motor For Pentair 071320S, 1 - 0.5 HP Motor,Two Speed, WFDS-6 Pool Pump, Single Phase071320S$418.31
PU-19144 356630S Click on ImageAO Smith Replacement Motor For Pentair 356630S, 1 HP, 2 Speed, Full Rated Motor Used On WFDS-4 Pool Pump,356630S$394.18
PU-19138No ImageAO Smith Replacement Motor For Pentair 071316S, 2 HP, WFE-8 Pump, Full Rated, Energy Efficient Single Phase071316S$462.11
PU-19135 071315S Click on ImageAO Smith Replacement Motor For Pentair 071315S 1.5 HP Motor, 60 Hz, Full Rated, WFE-6 Pump 071315S$384.79
PU-19129No ImageAO Smith Repalcement Motor For Pentair 071313S 3/4 HP Motor, Energy Efficient Single Phase, WFE-3071313S$220.47
PU-19124No ImagePentair 192115 Drain Plug O-ring, Original192115$6.05
PU-19123 192115 Click on ImageGeneric Replacement For Pentair 192115, 19-2115, Drain Plug O-ring192115$0.76
PU-19117 071131 Click on ImagePentair 071131 Knob Plug Drain, Each071131$5.49
PU-19105No ImagePentair 357160 Foot Insert, WFE Pump, Black. CSA/ CUL for Canada357160$19.10
PU-19102 070929 Click on ImagePentair 070929 Foot Insert, WFE Pump, Almond070929$19.10
PU-19099No ImagePentair 357159 Foot Black. CSA, CUL 9O for Canada, Special Order357159$38.07
PU-19096 070927 Click on ImagePentair 070927 Foot,WFE-4 Pump, Almond070927$38.07
PU-19093 074564 Click on ImagePentair 074564 Seal Plate, Whisper Flo, Almond074564$77.18
PU-19084 357149 Click on ImagePentair 357149, Seal Plate, Replaces 075417 on WFE Pumps, Manufacture after 11-98357149$292.80
PU-19081 070429 Click on ImagePentair 070429, Head Head Bolt, SS , 3/8-16 x 7/8 Inches070429$3.12
PU-19075 071734 Click on ImageGeneric Seal Replacement, Pentair 071734071734$5.30
PU-19065 072927 Click on ImagePentair 072927, Diffuser Assembly, WFE-2-8, 1/2 HP -2.5HP072927$74.12
PU-19051 350015 Click on ImagePentair 350015, Volute, WFE Pump and Pot Almond, Used on Pumps manufactured after 11-98350015$179.36
PU-19045No ImagePentair 357102, Gasket Seal Plate, WFE Pump357102$35.96
PU-19042No ImagePentair 071445, O-Ring Parker No. 2-265, WFE Pump. Used on Pumps manufactured before 6-94071445$14.06
PU-19036 070431 Click on ImagePentair 070431, Hex Head Bolt SS, 3/8, 16 x 1.75 Inches070431$1.95
PU-19024 350013 Click on ImagePentair 350013, 35-0013, O-Ring, WFE cover. Used on Pumps manufactured after 11-98350013$3.68
PU-19021 07-1422 Click on ImagePentair 071422, AQ, WFE Pump Cover O-Ring, Used on Pumps Manufactured Before 11-9807-1422$4.92
PU-19018 357156 Click on ImagePentair 357156, Cover, Chemical Resistant Cam and Ramp357156$62.61
PU-19015 35-7151 Click on ImagePentair 357151, Clear Cover, WEF pump. Used on Pumps Manufactured After 11-9835-7151$33.18
PU-19012 070795 Click on ImagePentair 070795, Cover Clear AQ, WEF Pump, Old Style. Used on Pumps Manufactured Before 11-98070795$35.45
PU-19009 07-1136Z Click on ImagePentair 071136Z, 07-1136Z, Knob only07-1136Z$22.47
PU-19000 070711 Click on ImagePentair 070711, Clamp Band Assembly, SS, WF, AQ, Old Style070711$87.69
PU-18260 355495 Click on ImagePac Fab 355495, 3 HP Challenger Difusser Mounting Plate355495$9.77
PU-18243 357100 Click on ImagePentair 357100, Seal Plate Gasket, WhisperFlo and Intelliflo Pumps357100$6.29
PU-18242 35-7150 Click on ImagePentair 357150, Clamp Cam and Ramp, Black Plastic35-7150$35.84
PU-18241 356002 Click on ImagePentair 356002, Pump Housing, Used on Pinnacle Pumps356002$311.88
PU-18240 354112 Click on ImagePentair 354112, Pump Lid, Chemical Resistant, Used on Pinnacle and Challenger Pumps354112$63.92

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451 - 500 of 1377

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