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Swimming Pool Pump Parts, Compete Listing of all Items

Swimming Pool Pump Parts

There are many manufacturers of pump parts, American Products, Purex, Pac Fab, Sta-Rite, Jandy, Jacuzzi and Pentair. Within each brand there are numerous models of pumps. With the merger of many brands, many pumps are no longer manufactured or have been assimilated into new product brands.

Pool Pump Parts, Product Listing

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PU-06112 AX6060A Click on ImageHayward AX6060A Booster Pump VoluteAX6060A$37.31
PU-06111 GMX600F Click on ImageHayward GMX600F, Pressure Test O-ringGMX600F$10.35
PU-06109 SPX4000TS Click on ImageHayward SPX4000TS, Northstar Strainer Strainer Cover T-Ring, After 2003SPX4000TS$23.03
PU-06107 SPX4000DLT Click on ImageHayward SPX4000DLT, Northstar Strainer Cover Kit, Strainer Cover, Lock Ring,T-RingSPX4000DLT$68.94
PU-06106No ImageHayward SPX4000CLO, Northstar Pump Strainer Cover Kit, 2008 and Later, Lid, O-Ring and Locking RingSPX4000CLO$73.05
PU-06105 SPX4000B Click on ImageHayward SPX4000B, Northstar Pump DiffuserSPX4000B$24.80
PU-06104 SPX4020TP Click on ImageHayward SPX4020TP, Northstar Pump Housing, After Jan 2008SPX4020TP$238.35
PU-06103 SPX4020AA Click on ImageHayward SPX4000HSGKIT, Replaces SPX4020AA, Northstar Pump Housing, Before 2008, Includes Lid and Unions SPX4020AA$316.88
PU-06091 SPX1500G Click on ImageHayward SPX1500G, Union nutSPX1500G$8.91
PU-06090 SPX1500JT Click on ImageHayward SPX1500JT, Union end connector, threadedSPX1500JT$9.15
PU-06080 SPX1711C Click on ImageHayward SPX1711C, Impeller 1.0 HPSPX1711C$21.66
PU-06079 SPX1707C Click on ImageHayward SPX1707C, Impeller 0.75 HPSPX1707C$20.46
PU-06078 SPX1705C Click on ImageHayward SPX1705C, Impeller 0.5 HPSPX1705C$20.40
PU-06077 SPX1720KA Click on ImageHayward SPX1720KA, Housing cover with Integral DiffuserSPX1720KA$22.91
PU-06076 SPX1705B Click on ImageHayward SPX1705B, Housing cover with Integral DiffuserSPX1705B$35.09
PU-06075 SPX1705AA Click on ImageHayward SPX1705AA, Pump HousingSPX1705AA$45.02
PU-06073 CX400G Click on ImageHayward CX400G, EZ FLO, Northstar Cover O-Rng, Before 1003CX400G$20.92
PU-06072KNo ImageHayward SPX1500HWA Seal Assembly, Housing Gasket and Strainer O-ring KitSPX1500HWA$28.81
PU-06070No ImageHayward SPX1700FGV, Drain Plug With GasketSPX1700FGV$3.79
PU-06066 SPX0710Z3 Click on ImageHayward SPX0710Z3, Strainer Cover O-ring, For Solid Cover, 978 and PriorSPX0710Z3$5.90
PU-06065 SPX1500RA Click on ImageHayward SPX1500RA, Check Valve, Pre 1991SPX1500RA$16.60
PU-06064No ImageHayward SPX1500E, Impeller, 1/2 HPSPX1500E$20.65
PU-06062 SPX1500B Click on ImageHayward SPX1500B, Housing Cover SPX1500B$26.22
PU-06060 SPX1500AA Click on ImageHayward SPX1500AA, Pump HousingSPX1500AA$41.17
PU-06056K SPX1600TRA Click on ImageHayward SPX1600TRA, Seal Assembly Kit, Includes Seal Assembly, Housing and Diffuser GasketsSPX1600TRA$22.10
PU-06055 SPX1600SKIT1 Click on ImageHayward SPX1600SKIT1, Super Pump Seal Kit Includes Seal, Seal Plate, Motor Mounting PlateSPX1600SKIT1$56.91
PU-06054 SPX3026C Click on ImageHayward SPX3026C Impeller, 3HP PumpSPX3026C$35.02
PU-06052 SPX3021C Click on ImageHayward SPX3021C, Impeller, 2 HP PumpSPX3021C$31.15
PU-06050 SPX3016C Click on ImageHayward SPX3016C Impeller for 1.5 HPSPX3016C$30.13
PU-06048 SPX3025C Click on ImageHayward SPX3025C, Impeller, 3 HP Pump, Replaced by SPX3025CKITSPX3025C$39.57
PU-06047 SPX3020CKIT Click on ImageHayward SPX3020CKIT Impeller Upgrade Kit, Replaces SPX3020CSPX3020CKIT$33.96
PU-06046CNo ImageHayward SPX3020C, Impeller, for 2 HP Pump, SPX3020C$33.96
PU-06044 SPX3015C Click on ImageHayward SPX3015C Impeller, 1-1/2 HPSPX3015C$26.59
PU-06042 SPX3010C Click on ImageHayward SPX3010C, Impeller, 1 HPSPX3010C$24.32
PU-06040 SPX3007C Click on ImageHayward SPX3007C Impeller, 3/4 HP SPX3007C$22.50
PU-06038 SPX3005C Click on ImageHayward SPX3005C, Impeller, 1/2 HP SPX3005C$23.62
PU-06036 SPX3021R Click on ImageHayward SPX3021R. Impeller Ring, Used On 1.5, 2 and 3 HP Impellers SPX3016C, SPX3021C, SPX3026CSPX3021R$4.05
PU-06034 SPX3005R Click on ImageHayward SPX3005R, Impeller Ring, 0.75 through 2 HP, SP3000 Series ImpellersSPX3005R$3.72
PU-06032 SPX3020E Click on ImageHayward SPX3020E, Seal Plate, for SP-3000 Series ImpellersSPX3020E$30.96
PU-06031 SPX1600Z52 Click on ImageHayward SPX1600Z52, NorthStar Mounting Foot Cap Screw, Set Of TwoSPX1600Z52$3.00
PU-06030 SPX3000E Click on ImageHayward SPX3000E Seal Plate, for SP-2600 series ImpellersSPX3000E$30.23
PU-06028 SPX3021B Click on ImageHayward SPX3021B Diffuser, Used 1.5 , 2 and 3 HP Pumps, After 1990 SPX3021B$24.96
PU-06026 SPX3000B Click on ImageHayward SPX3000B Diffuser, for 2 And 3 h.p. 1989 And PriorSPX3000B$25.40
PU-06024 SPX3000F Click on ImageHayward SPX3000F Motor Mounting Plate SPX3000F$37.79
PU-06022 SPX3000GA Click on ImageHayward SPX3000GA Mounting Bracket With Adapter and 2 cap ScrewsSPX3000GA$29.06
PU-06019 SP3100T Click on ImageHayward SP3100T Cover Removal, Tool Super II.SP3100T$13.75
PU-06018 SPX3100D Click on ImageHayward SPX3100D Strainer Cover, Thread-in-styleSPX3100D$35.77
PU-06016K SPX3000TRA Click on ImageHayward SPX3000TRA, Seal Assembly Kit, Seal Housing, Strainer Cover and Diffuser GasketsSPX3000TRA$34.02
PU-06014 SPX3120AAZ Click on ImageHayward SPX3120AAZ Pump Housing With Strainer , Two Inch Threaded Openings, With Drain PlugsSPX3120AAZ$190.23
PU-06012 SPX3020AA Click on ImageHayward SPX3020AA Pump Housing With Strainer, Threaded Two Inch Openings, With Drain PlugsSPX3020AA$199.03

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851 - 900 of 1340

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