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Swimming Pool Pump Parts, Compete Listing of all Items

Swimming Pool Pump Parts

There are many manufacturers of pump parts, American Products, Purex, Pac Fab, Sta-Rite, Jandy, Jacuzzi and Pentair. Within each brand there are numerous models of pumps. With the merger of many brands, many pumps are no longer manufactured or have been assimilated into new product brands.

Pool Pump Parts, Product Listing

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551 - 600 of 1377

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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PU-17518No ImageAstral IGP2020, Complete Pool Pump, Inground, Sprint 2000, 2 Hp No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableIGP2020$0.00NLA
PU-17514No ImageAstral 07135R0305, Pressure Gauge, 1/8 Inch, Rear Back07135R0305$6.27
PU-17511No ImageAstral 07135-0305, 1/8 Inch Back Mount Pressure Gauge071350305$6.27
PU-17508 IGP2010 Click on ImageAstral IGP2010, Pool Pump, In Ground, Sprint 2000 , 1 Hp Uprated, 115/230V, 1-Speed, No Longer Manufacture, None AvailableIGP2010$542.63NLA
PU-17500No Image Astral AGP1607, Complete Pool Pump, Above Ground, Astramax 1600, 3/4 Hp, 115V, 1-Speed,,No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableAGP1607$0.00NLA
PU-17499 066710401 Click on ImagePressure Gauge, Astral 06671-0401066710401$17.51
PU-17496No ImageAstral 06621R0105, Adapter06621R0105$3.30
PU-17490 06611R2302H Click on ImageAstral 06611R2302H, Lid Face, 6 Position06611R2302H$7.20
PU-17487 06611R2302 Click on ImageAstral 06611R2302, Lid Face, 6 Position06611R2302$2.21
PU-17484 06611R2101 Click on ImageAstral 06611R2101, Valve Body Diffuser06611R2101$45.56
PU-17478 06611R0301 Click on ImageAstral 06611R0103, Pressure Gauge 1/8 Inch, Bottom Mount, Replaces Astral 06611R0301, 06611R0103, 15404R203706611R0301$4.68
PU-17475 06595R0101 Click on ImageAstral 06595R0101, Valve Body06595R0101$42.15
PU-17472 0599099NPT Click on ImageAstral 0599099NPT, Union Bushing, 1.5 Inches0599099NPT$6.48
PU-17406No ImageAstral 050912R0005, Seal Clamp050912R0005$24.12
PU-17382 04584T0102U Click on ImageAstral 04584T0102U, Millenium Filter Base 15 and 17 Inch Filters Replaced By 045840102U04584T0102U$40.82
PU-17349No ImageAstral 02193, Union Nut02193$2.39
PU-17316 00648R0200 Click on ImageAstral 00648R0200, Air Relief Replaced By 00470R010800648R0200$5.55
PU-17307 00645 Click on ImageAstral 00645, Diffuser 1.5 Inches00645$15.86
PU-17289 00612R0002 Click on ImageAstral 00612R0002, Half Union Tailpiece, This part is only sold as a kit, Astral 440412050200612R0002$17.27
PU-17286 00612R0001 Click on ImageAstral 00612R0001, Gasket00612R0001$3.69
PU-17280No ImageAstral 00611R2301, Valve Lid, No Longer Manufactured, None Available00611R2301$0.00NLA
PU-17274 00611R0002 Click on ImageAstral 00611R0002, Connecting Nut, Replaced By 00611000200611R0002$5.25
PU-17271 00611R0001 Click on ImageAstral 00611R0001, Flat Gasket, MPV 2235500611R0001$4.89
PU-17262 00600R0209 Click on ImageAstral 00600R0209, Washer, Thick, SS, 1-11/16 OD,1-3/16 ID,1/16 Thick, Replaced By 4404120005, Limited Quantity 00600R0209$5.25
PU-17260 4404120105    Click on ImageAstral 4404120105 Spring and Washer Kit4404120105 $23.73
PU-17259 AST4404120105   Click on ImageAstral 00600R0208, Spring Kit, Includes 00600R0207 and 00600R00209AST4404120105 $23.73
PU-17255 01150R0304 Click on ImageAstral 01150R0304, Connecting Union, Used On Pumps 15623, 15624, 15627 01150R0304$9.68
PU-17254 006480001 Click on ImageAstral 00648-0001, Locking Ring 2000 Series Pump006480001$14.19
PU-17253 00600R0205 Click on ImageAstral 00600R0205, Plug O-Ring 2 Inches Used On 07440, 0984800600R0205$4.98
PU-17250 00600R0202 Click on ImageAstral 00600R0202, Handle Pin00600R0202$4.20
PU-17235 4404120108 Click on ImageAstral 4404120108 , Sight Glass With Gasket Replaces 006000002, 00600R00024404120108$3.65
PU-17232No ImageAstral 006000001, Gasket, Sight Glass Replaced By 00600R0001006000001$1.67
PU-17229No ImageAstral 00597R0300, Valve Lid00597R0300$24.87
PU-17228 00470R0121 Click on ImageAstral 00470R0121, Nut Cap00470R0121$2.55
PU-17226 00597R0202 Click on ImageAstral 00597R0202, Rotor00597R0202$30.89
PU-17220 4404120502 Click on ImageAstral 4404120502, Tail piece, Nut, O-Ring Kit4404120502$17.27
PU-17215 15627R0002 Click on ImageAstral 15627R0002, Impeller Pump 1562715627R0002$26.60
PU-17213No ImageAstral 15626R0002, Impeller Pump 1562615626R0002$26.60
PU-17211No ImageAstral 15625R0002, Impeller, Pump 1562515625R0002$25.40
PU-17209No ImageAstral 15625R0001, Motor Clamp15625R0001$21.23
PU-17207 15624R0002 Click on ImageAstral 15624R0002, Impeller, Pump 1562415624R0002$26.60
PU-17205 005450204 Click on ImageAstral 00545-0204, White Plastic Washer, Sold as part of Astral 4404120105005450204$23.73
PU-17203 15623R0203 Click on ImageAstral 15623R0203, Pump Housing15623R0203$62.63
PU-17202No ImageAstral 01150R0503, Antivibration Washer01150R0503$4.98
PU-17201 15623R0002 Click on ImageAstral 15623R0002, Impeller, Pump 1562315623R0002$62.84
PU-17200 05090R0010 Click on ImageAstral 05090R0010, Impeller Gasket05090R0010$5.24
PU-17134 4405020134 Click on ImageAstral Pump Strainer Lid With O-Ring, 4405020134 Replaces 156280101, 15628-01014405020134$8.06
PU-17131 15628R0206 Click on ImageAstral 15628R0206, Suction Connection Union15628R0206$4.02
PU-17130 773R0504026 Click on ImageAstral 773R0504026, Suction O-Ring773R0504026$1.82
PU-17129 15628R0205 Click on ImageAstral 15628R0205, Suction Nut15628R0205$3.78

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551 - 600 of 1377

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