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Swimming Pool Technical Information, Glossary of Pool Terms

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Updated: June 14, 2016

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Whitefly Invasion

demo The Whitefly arrived in Florida in 2009. Today it is found from the Florida Keys to the Palm Beaches. Areas infested leave a "honeydew-like" like film on pools that rapidly depletes chlorine. A favorite host to the white fly is the coconut palm, often found near pools. If you are experiencing rapid chlorine depletion that cannot be explained by any other means, contact you pool professional.

Updated: August 2014

Swimming Pool Chemical Glossary

Swimming pool equipment general information including: MSDS, water chemistry, parts diagrams and directory of swimming pool manufacturers.

A liquid or dry chemical, used to lower the pH of Swimming pool or spa water. See Muriatic Acid(Hydrochloric Acid) or sodium bisulfate.

A natural or synthetic substance used for killing, destroying or controlling algae.

Alkalinity Increaser
A chemical used to stabilize the pH. Sodium Bicarbonate
Aluminum Sulfate (Al2SO4), which is used to cause suspended solids in water to be coagulated and subsequently filtered or vacuumed out.
Calcium Increaser
A chemical used to increase the water hardness (calcium Hypochlorite)
  Calcium Hypochlorite Bleach, Typically 5-10% chlorine content
  Cyanuric Acid  
A chemical having ability to kill undesirable or pathogenic organism, having a measurable residual at a level adequate to achieve the desired kill.
  Flocculating Agent A chemical, substance or compound that promotes the combination, agglomeration or coagulation of suspended particles in water.
  Hydrochloric Acid Muriatic Acid(HCl). A very strong corrosive acid. Used in swimming pools to lower the pH of the water.
  Hypobromous Acid The most powerful disinfecting form of Bromine
  Hypochlorite A family of chemical compounds (salts), found in various forms(liquid, powder, tablets) used a a chlorinating agent. Forms Available: Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid), Lithium Hypochlorite (powder) and Calcium Hypochlorite (powder or tablets). Non-Stabilzed chlorine
  Iodine A chemical element that is biocidal, used to disinfect pool and spa water. The spa disinfectant is in the form of liquid iodine.
  Isocyanurates A family of pool sanitizer products that are self stabilizing. Also called stabilized chlorine
  Lithium Hypochlorite LiOCl. A white solid inorganic chlorine. pH approximately 9. Available chlorine 35%.
  Muriatic Acid Used to Lower pH and or Total Alkalinity in pools or spas (Hydrochloric Acid)
  Ozone A gaseous molecule composed of three (3) atoms of oxygen that is generated on site and used for oxidation of water and contamination.
  Phenol Red A dye used to measure the pH of water.
  Potable Water Any water, that is approved for drinking. Contains no bacteria or other harmful chemicals
  Quats Quaternary Ammonium Compounds: Organic compounds used as algaecide or germicides.
  Sequestering Agent Sometimes referred to as Chelating agents. These compounds are capable of combining with metals (copper, Iron, Etc.) to prevent staining of the pool surface
  Soda Ash Sodium Carbonate: A white powder (chemical) to increase the pH of the water
  Sodium Carbonate See Soda Ash (Na2C03)
  Sodium Bicarbonate A white powder used to increase Alkalinity (Baking Soda, NaHC03))
  Sodium Bisulfate A white powder used to lower pH (NaHS04)
  Sodium Dichloro-isocyanurate

Dichlor (sodium dichlori-s-triazinetriaone), a granular product, containing approximately 62% chlorine. Fast Dissolving, non-clouding, oxidizer. Can be used for maintenance and shocking (pH 6.0)

  Sodium Hypochlorite A clear liquid (bleach), typically 5-15% available chlorine.
  Source Water Water used to fill a pool or spa. Can be Potable or from wells.
  Stabilizer See Cyanuric Acid.


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