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Pool Automation, Jandy Control and Valves Systems

Swimming Pool Automation, Jandy Automation Controls

Swimming Pool Automation makes maintaining swimming pools easier. Automation includes chlorine generators, Alternate forms of Sanitizing pools such as Carefree ionizers as well as electric valves. For general information on alternate forms of swimming Pool automation Click Here.

Jandy Chlorination Systems, Jandy Automation Parts

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PV-10228 8137 Click on ImageJandy 8137, Valve Actuator Cord 75 feet8137$109.34
PV-10227 8136 Click on ImageJandy 8136, 50 Foot Valve Actuator Cord, Special Order8136$61.98
PV-10226 4700 Click on ImageJandy 4700, 20 Foot Valve Actuator Cord4700$37.59
PV-10224 JVA2440 Click on ImageJandy 4424, Valve Actuator, 24 Volts, 180 Degree RotationJVA2440$231.23
PV-10222 JVA2440 Click on ImageJandy 3791, Valve Actuator, 24 Volvts, 90 Degree Rotation, Replaced by Jandy 6652J,JVA2440$172.81
PV-10220No ImageJandy 4412, Valve Actuator, 12 Volvts, 180 degree Rotation, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableJVA1240$0.00NLA
CH-20100 R0452500 Click on ImageJandy AquaPure Slotted 3 Port Sensor Kit R0452500, Used on - AquaPure 700, 1400, Fusion Soft 700 and 1400 chlorine Generators R0452500$367.46
AU-21227 APUREM Click on ImageAquaPure Model M Foundation Power Center, No Ce, Manufacture"s Pricing Restrictions prevent us from Selling this productAPUREM$0.00NLA
AU-21226 PLC1400 Click on ImageAquaPure Cell Kit, Pure1400, 3 Port, 16 Foot Cord, 1.5 Inch ABS UnionsPLC1400$1,237.55
AU-21225 M1003 Click on ImageJandy Myron Meter M1003M1003$432.30
AU-21224 R0476300 Click on ImageJandy 25 Foot DC Cord R0476300 Aqua Pure Cell CableR0476300$174.73
AU-21223 R0402800 Click on ImageJandy 16 Foot Cable DC Cord R0402800R0402800$144.04
AU-21222 SP3P Click on ImageJandy SP3 Spool Piece and Cleaning Kit, 3 Port Includes Spool Piece, O-Ring, Universal Union Nuts,Tail Piece, 2 In x 2.5 In PlugSP3P$173.17
AU-21221 R0476400 Click on ImageJandy Sensor Ki,t Slotted, 3-Port Cell, 25 Foot R0476400, Includes Sensor, O-RingR0476400$494.73
AU-21220 R0452500 Click on ImageJandy Sensor Ki,t Slotted, 3-Port Cell, 16 Foot R0452500, Includes Sensor, O-RingR0452500$385.83
AU-21219 R0452400 Click on ImageJandy Cell Kit , APURE1400, 3-Port R0452400, Includes, Cell, O-Rings, 16 Foot DC CordR0452400$1,416.20
AU-21218 R0452300 Click on ImageJandy Cell Kit, APURE700, 3-Port R0452300, Includes, Cell, O-Rings, 16 foot DC CordR0452300$925.58
AU-21217 R0452200 Click on ImageJandy O-Rings and Terminal Adapter Kit, 3-Port Cell R452200, Includes - O-Rings, Terminal Adapter, ScrewsR0452200$11.66
AU-21216 R0452100 Click on ImageJandy Universal Union Kit, 3- Port Cell R0452100, Includes - Universal Union Nuts, O-Rings, Tail pieces, 2 Inch x 2.5 Inch PlugR0452100$56.53
AU-21215No ImageJandy Mounting Hardware Kit, Old Style Spacers,No Longer Manufacture, None available AZ008$0.00NLA
AU-21214 R0412900 Click on ImageJandy Mounting Hardware Kit, Side Mount.R0412900 .R0412900$17.92
AU-21213 M1034 Click on ImageJandy Stain Relief, Data. M1034.M1034$2.14
AU-21212 M1033 Click on ImageJandy Stain Relief, Power. M1033.M1033$1.16
AU-21211 R0404100 Click on ImageJandy PBC, Back, APURE1400. R0404100.R0404100$176.42
AU-21210 R0404000 Click on ImageJandy PBC, Back, APURE700. R0404000.R0404000$240.36
AU-21209 R0481400 Click on ImageJandy Transformer, 50/60Hz. R0481400.R0481400$533.53
AU-21208 R0403900 Click on ImageJandy PBC, Front LED, All Models, Rev. B10038-01 R0403900. No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableR0403900$0.00NLA
AU-21207 R0404400 Click on ImageJandy Control Box Decal, R0404400 APURE, BottomR0404400$53.41
AU-21206 R0404300 Click on ImageJandy Control Box Decal, R0404300 APURE, TopR0404300$48.92
AU-21205 R0403200 Click on ImageJandy Control Box Cover, R0403200 APURE1400R0403200$213.36
AU-21204 R0403100 Click on ImageJandy Control Box Cover, R0403100 APURE700 R0403100$213.36
AU-21203 R0403000 Click on ImageJandy Control Box Complete R0403000 APURE1400, Special OrderR0403000$1,253.58
AU-21202 R0402900 Click on ImageJandy Power Supply Cover Support Bracket, R0402900, APURE700, Special OrderR0402900$1,253.58
AU-21200 R5000100 Click on ImageJandy Power Supply Cover Support Bracket, APURE, Special OrderR5000100$24.07
AU-20100 R0658100 Click on ImageJandy R0658100, Aqualink RS 3 HP RelayR0658100$121.73
AU-01020 3652 Click on ImageJandy 3652, Relay Circuit Board Module, 2 HP3652$210.66
AU-01010 6796 Click on ImageJandy 6796, 2 Speed Motor Relay6796$70.12
AU-01000 7092 Click on ImageJandy 7092, AquaLink RS 8 Upgrade, Conversion Kit. Manufacture"s Pricing Restrictions prevent us from Selling this product7092$0.00

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