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Swimming Pool Filter Parts, Pentair Pool Filters


Pentair Filter Parts

We offer a complete line of Pentair Pool Filter parts, Pac Fab, Purex and American Products, Sta-Rite are trademarks of Pentair Pool Products, If you cannot find the needed part check the other category, or call us for specific needs

Pentair Filter Parts, Listing of Products

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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FI-18269No ImagePac Fab 15-5269, Tank and Foot Pad Assembly, Buttress Thread, Replace with TA50 Filter155269$454.99
FI-18268 154710 Click on ImagePac Fab 15-4710, Sand Drain Spigot, No Longer Manufactured, None Available154710$0.00
FI-18267No ImagePac Fab 155050, Pressure Gauge, Back Mount, Generic155050$3.51
FI-18266No ImagePac Fab 15-0085, Lateral SF60 SD80 Filters150085$4.92
FI-18265 150084 Click on ImagePac Fab 15-0084, Lateral SD35, SD40 Filters150084$4.92
FI-18264No ImagePac Fab 15-5276, Tank and Foot Pad, Replace with TA40D Filter155276$321.00
FI-18263 155002 Click on ImagePac Fab 155002, Center Pipe Stabilizer, Tagelus Filters155002$14.54
FI-18262No ImagePac Fab 15-5343, Tank and Foot Pad Assembly, Buttress Thread, Replace with TA50 Filter155343$454.99
FI-18261 155340 Click on ImagePac Fab 15-5340, Piping Assembly, Tagelus TA100155340$27.47
FI-18260 154612 Click on ImagePac Fab 154612, Air Line Spacer, TR50, TR60154612$3.65
FI-18259 150088 Click on ImagePac Fab 150088, Lateral ClearPro SC80 Filter150088$56.58
FI-18258 152220 Click on ImagePac Fab 15-2220, Triton Filter Sand Drain, 2 Inches152220$27.00
FI-18257 263052 Click on ImagePush Pull Backwash Valve With Unions, For Sand or DE filters with 8 inch Center Connections, 2 Inch Socket, Pac Fab 26-3052263052$124.63
FI-18256No ImagePac Fab 174755, 17-4755, Support Bracket, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialble174755$0.00
FI-18255No ImagePac Fab 15-4507,Air Vent Stainer Spacer, 6.75 Inches, TR100C15-4507$14.09
FI-18254 271151 Click on ImagePac Fab 271151, 27-1151, Valve Top O-Ring271151$14.09
FI-18253 274494 Click on ImagePac Fab 274494, 27- 4494, 2 Inch Bulkhead Adapter O-ring, Generic274494$1.02
FI-18252 192323 Click on ImageGeneric O-Ring for Pac Fab 192323, 19-2323192323$0.77
FI-18251 152202 Click on ImagePac Fab 152202. 15-2202, Lateral 9-1/8 Inches, Used on TR100, TR100C and TR100C-3152202$7.27
FI-18250No ImagePac Fab 27-3059, Piston Seal 2 Inches273059$3.12
FI-18200 59052900 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 59052900 Clean and Clear Locking Ring Assembly 59052900$66.60
FI-18189 51001400 Click on ImageAmerican Products 51001400, Poly Washer51001400$7.02
FI-18188 27-2512 Click on ImagePac Fab 272512, 1.5 Inch Hiflow Multiport Valve Diverter With Gasket27-2512$31.84
FI-18187No ImagePentair 15-5279. Pac Fab 15-5279,TA50D Tank and Foot Pad, Replace With complete Filter155279$535.88
FI-18186 35-4053 Click on ImagePentair 354053. Pac Fab 36-4053, O-Ring, 6-Way Valve Top, 1.5 Inches, Original35-4053$19.53
FI-18171No ImageAmerican Products 52000500. O-Ring Clamp, 26,30 Inch Filter52000500$9.02
FI-18170No ImageAmerican Products 51021700, Gasket 18,20,22 Inch Meteor Sand Filter After 199551021700$3.44
FI-18169 86202000 Click on ImageAmerican Products Drain Plug with O-Ring, 1.5 Inches. 8620200086202000$11.96
FI-18168No ImagePac Fab 073119, Purex 73119 Filter Lid, No Longer Manufactured None Available07-3119$0.00
FI-18167 51011800 Click on ImageAmerican Products 51011800 Handle51011800$12.98
FI-18166 272528 Click on ImageAmerican Products 272528, Multi-Port ValveTop Assembly272528$103.94
FI-18165No ImageAmerican Products 98206400, Drain Plug98206400$2.33
FI-18164 51030000 Click on ImageAmerican Products 51030000, Diffuser 18,20, 22 Inch Filters, No Longer Manufactured, None Available51030000$0.00
FI-18163 98206400 Click on ImagePentair 98206400, Drain Plug, 0.25 Inch With O-ring98206400$2.39
FI-18162 50152300 Click on ImageAmerican Products 50152300, .O-Ring, BackWash Sight Glass50152300$3.48
FI-18161 85019100 Click on ImageAmerican Products 85019100. Sight Glass, 22, 26 Inch Filters85019100$14.45
FI-18160 85019000 Click on ImageAmerican Products 85019000. Sight Glass, 18, 20 Inch Filters85019000$14.45
FI-18159 270099 Click on ImageAmerican Products 270099,Body Diffuser Assembly, 1.5 Inch. No Longer Manufactured, None Available270099$0.00
FI-18158 51011900 Click on ImageAmerican Products 51011900, Clamp O-Ring for Meteor 22 Inch Filter, Before Jan 199551011900$25.80
FI-18157 50131400 Click on ImageAmerican Products 50131400, Rotator, Spider Gasket Assembly, 1.5 Inch50131400$24.44
FI-18156 50133100 Click on ImageAmerican Products 50133100 , Lid, 8 Position with Label50133100$37.40
FI-18155 55007800 Click on ImageAmerican Products 55007800, Drain Assembly With O-Ring55007800$17.01
FI-18154 51025700 Click on ImageAmerican Products 51025700, Handle Poly Washer51025700$5.88
FI-18153 50151400 Click on ImageAmerican Products 50151400, Handle Pin50151400$4.37
FI-18152 50131100 Click on ImageAmerican Products 50131100 Handle, 8 Position Valve50131100$22.43
FI-18151 50130500 Click on ImageAmerican Products 50130500 Handle, 5 Position Valve50130500$7.47
FI-18150 152509 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 152509, Triton 100C,140C Lid O-Ring 8.5 Inch Square152509$5.48
FI-18148 272520 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab, 272520, Handle272520$15.35
FI-18147 274407 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab,274407, Nut Bulk Head Adapter, 2 Required, Sold Each274407$10.63
FI-18146 263052 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab, 263052, Push Pull Valve, Black263052$140.80

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101 - 150 of 342

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