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Swimming Pool Filter Parts, Pentair Pool Filters


Pentair Filter Parts

We offer a complete line of Pentair Pool Filter parts, Pac Fab, Purex and American Products, Sta-Rite are trademarks of Pentair Pool Products, If you cannot find the needed part check the other category, or call us for specific needs

Pentair Filter Parts, Listing of Products

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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FI-18133 15-4521 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab, 154521, 2.0 Inch Buttress Adaptor15-4521$45.83
FI-18132 274556 Click on ImagePentair 274556, Valve Adapter, 2 Inch Threaded274556$11.03
FI-18131 274651 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab, 27-4651, Valve Adapter274651$10.01
FI-18130 27-4404 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab, 274404, Valve Adapter27-4404$16.26
FI-18129 271145 Click on ImagePentair 27-1145, Body Replacement with Diffuser, 1.5 Inch271145$203.39
FI-18128 152168 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab,15-2168, Screw, M6 x 30mm, SS152168$1.20
FI-18127 152167 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab,15-2167, Nut M6, SS, Each152167$0.96
FI-18126 27-1106 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab, 271106 Sight Glass Gasket for Multiport Valve27-1106$1.82
FI-18125 272550 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab, 27-2550 Sight Glass for Multiport Valve272550$8.80
FI-18123 15-6345 Click on ImagePurex 156345, TR140C, Upper Inlet Piping Assembly 15-6345$52.23
FI-18122 261186 Click on ImagePentair 261186, Multiport Valve, Top Mount, Replaces WC112147 WC112148 261186$145.56
FI-18121 270067 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab, 27-0067 Top Assembly 2.0 Inch Valve270067$156.74
FI-18120 270068 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab, 27-0068 Top Assembly 1.5 Inch Valve270068$143.97
FI-18119 07-0111 Click on ImagePurex 070111, Lateral, 5.5 Inches, HR24 and HR25 Filters07-0111$19.50
FI-18118 15-6355 Click on ImagePurex 156355, TR100C, TR140C Upper Piping Assembly15-6355$65.75
FI-18117 15-4575 Click on ImagePurex 154575, Closure, 8.5 Inches Buttress15-4575$42.69
FI-18116 15-4714 Click on ImagePurex 154714, Bulkhead Kit15-4714$4.14
FI-18115 15-4614 Click on ImagePurex 154614, Spacer Vent Strainer, 5 Inch, TR14015-4614$4.14
FI-18114 15-4613 Click on ImagePurex 154613, Spacer Vent Strainer, 5.5 Inch, TR10015-4613$4.14
FI-18113 15-1602 Click on ImagePurex 151602 BulkHead Wrench, 2 Inch15-1602$164.62
FI-18112 15-5504 Click on ImagePurex 155504, Piping Assembly SD3515-5504$31.68
FI-18111 15-4697 Click on ImagePurex 154697, Kit Closure, Six Inch, V Thread, Before 12/9115-4697$121.76
FI-18110 15-4407 Click on ImagePurex 154407, Tape, Mounting, TR100, 3 Required15-4407$7.26
FI-18109 15-4402 Click on ImagePurex 154402, Tape, Mountting, TR40, TR50, TR60, 3 Required15-4402$4.14
FI-18108 15-4520 Click on ImagePurex 154520, Replacement Foot For TR6015-4520$64.76
FI-18107 154685 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab, 15-4685, Tagelus Spigot 0.5 Inches Sand Drain Assembly, Before 03/83154685$12.92
FI-18106 154926 Click on ImagePurex 154926,Replacement Foot For TR35, TR40, TR50, TR60, And D Version154926$61.41
FI-18105 154596 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154596, Replacement Foot For TR100,TR100C,TR140,TR140C154596$100.79
FI-18104 15-2162 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 152162, Clamp Replaces 155526, 15216515-2162$15.71
FI-18103 50118300 Click on ImageGeneric Replacement for American ProductsTop Mount Multiport Backwash Valve, 50118300, 5011831150118300$80.60
FI-18102 262504 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 262504, Butress Thread, Valve Upgrade Kit Replaces 261130262504$144.63
FI-18101 272531 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 272531, Multiport Valve Top, 1.5 Inches272531$109.98
FI-07035No ImagePentair, PacFab 150036, Connector Air Relief Tube, After November 1, 1999150036$1.13
FI-07034 154500 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 154500, Piping Assembly, Upper, TR140154500$76.94
FI-07033 15-4440 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154440, Connector Air Relief Tube, 15-4440$8.61
FI-07032 18-1011 Click on ImagePac Fab 18-1011, 181011, Clamp Assembly18-1011$200.87
FI-07031No ImagePentair, Pac Fab 154533, Piping Assembly, Upper, TR6015-4533$28.65
FI-07030No ImagePentair, PacFab 156814, Piping Assembly, Upper, TR50156814$28.35
FI-07029 154803 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 154803, Piping Assembly, Upper, TR40154803$35.37
FI-07028 154906 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 154906, Diffuser Assembly TR140154906$32.40
FI-07027 154664 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 154664, Nut, 3/8 Inch, 16 SS154664$1.05
FI-07026 15-4462 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 154462, Diffuser Assembly, TR100, PF100 Filters15-4462$31.52
FI-07025 154599 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 154599, Diffuser Assembly TR60154599$31.52
FI-07024 154598 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 154598, Diffuser Assembly TR40, TR50154598$31.52
FI-07023 150041 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 150041,Tube Air Relief, TR140, Before November 1, 1999150041$9.92
FI-07022 154438 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154438, Tube Air Relief, TR140, After November 1, 1999154438$14.40
FI-07021 15-4437 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154437, Tube Air Relief, TR100, PF10015-4437$11.25
FI-07020No ImagePentair, PacFab 150040, Tube Air Relief, TR50,TR60, After November 1, 1999150040$12.41
FI-07019 154436 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154436, Tube Air Relief, TR50,TR60, Before November 1, 1999154436$10.56
FI-07018No ImagePentair, Pac Fab 150039, Tube Air Relief, TR40, Before November 1, 1999150039$12.41

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201 - 250 of 378

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