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Swimming Pool Filter Parts, Pentair Pool Filters


Pentair Filter Parts

We offer a complete line of Pentair Pool Filter parts, Pac Fab, Purex and American Products, Sta-Rite are trademarks of Pentair Pool Products, If you cannot find the needed part check the other category, or call us for specific needs

Pentair Filter Parts, Listing of Products

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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FI-04232 190036 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 190036, Assembly, Standpipe, 48 Sq-Ft190036$55.82
FI-04231 190035 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 190035, Assembly, Standpipe, 36 Sq-Ft190035$48.05
FI-04230 19-0034 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 190034, Assembly, Standpipe, 24 Sq-Ft19-0034$45.17
FI-04229 53108900 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 53108900, Spring, Barrel Nut Assembly53108900$37.77
FI-04228 53006300 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 53006300 Washer, .325 Inch ID53006300$3.52
FI-04227 190003 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab FNS Filter, 19-0003, 190003, Complete Band Assembly with Hardware190003$220.16
FI-04168No ImagePentair,Pac Fab, 27-3581, Automatic Air Releif Assembly, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialble, Replaced With 273550273581$74.26
FI-04167 15-4578 Click on ImagePurex 154578, Triton Stainer Air Relief, Replaces 154577, 07369115-4578$11.02
FI-04166 15-4698 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 154698, Tagelus Spigot 3/4 Inch Sand Drain15-4698$19.65
FI-04124 59011100 Click on ImageAmerican Product Internal Air Bleed Assembly, 5901110059011100$30.05
FI-04025 262506 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 26-2506, Top Mount Valve For Tagelus Series, Filter262506$152.70
FI-04023 261152 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 26-1152, Multiport Valve With Plumbing Kit261152$204.14
FI-01715 19-2193 Click on ImagePac Fab 192193, Manifold for FNS filter19-2193$90.12
FI-01630 273550 Click on ImagePac Fab 27-3550 Air Relief, Replaces 27-3581273550$80.17
FI-01627No ImageGeneric Cartridge Replacement For Pac Fab Mitra MA-160 Filter174983$114.95
FI-01624No ImagePac Fab 155323, Piping Assembly., With Hub, length = 27.25 Inches, TA100 155323$70.70
FI-01623 153455 Click on ImagePac Fab 15-3455, Piping Assembly. length.14.88 Inches, TA35, TA35D153455$33.93
FI-01622 15-5063 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 155063, Piping Assembly, TA60, TA60D, TA-6015-5063$37.98
FI-01620 155061 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 15-5061, Piping Assembly, TA40, TA40D155061$32.61
FI-01619 155060 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 15-5060, Piping Assembly, TA30, TA30D155060$26.49
FI-01618 154514 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 15-4514,8.5 Inch Flange Adapter, Buttress Thread154514$47.55
FI-01617 15-4555 Click on ImagePac Fab 154555, Flange Adapter, Buttress Thread, Replaced By 152250Z15-4555$85.25
FI-01616 155225 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 155225, Flange Adapter, 6V Standard Thread155225$27.87
FI-01615 273564 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab, 273564, Manual Air Releif Assembly, Limited Availability273564$75.38
FI-01614 273501 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 27-3501, Cap For Manual Air Relief, No longer Manufactured, None Avaialble273501$0.00NLA
FI-01612 17-2855 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 172855, Strainer Vent17-2855$18.06
FI-01611 19-4997 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 194997, Brass Nut, Machined19-4997$10.65
FI-01610 19-5612 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 19-5612, Spring, FNS, INS Filter 19-5612$16.72
FI-01609 19-5611 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 19-5611, Washer FNS, INS Filter Large ID19-5611$5.75
FI-01608 19-5610 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 195610, Washer FNS, INS Filter, Small ID19-5610$5.36
FI-01607 19-2194 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 192194, Retainer Grid19-2194$39.65
FI-01606No ImagePentair, PacFab 174955, Lock Washer, 5/16 Inch, Stainless17-4955$1.01
FI-01605 19-2013 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 19-2013, Nut, 5/16 -16 Stainless19-2013$4.73
FI-01604 15-4412 Click on ImagePacFab 154412, Locknut, 2 Inch Internal15-4412$7.78
FI-01603 19-5004 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 195004, Washer, Polyethylene19-5004$1.72
FI-01602 19-5308 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 195308, Pipe Assembly, Lower19-5308$84.87
FI-01601 19-5829 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab,195829, Plug, 2 Inch NPSM19-5829$6.38
FI-01600No ImagePentair, Pac Fab 154687, Triton Adapter Air Bleeder Kit, Inlcudes Bleeder, Brass Adaptor, Hardware and O-Rings15-4687$38.27
FI-01599 19-5153 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab, 195153, Foot, Tank Skirt19-5153$89.85
FI-01598 194801 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab,19-4801, Bulkhead, 2 Inch194801$74.43
FI-01597No ImagePentair, Pac Fab, 19-5931, Tank Bottom, FNS24, Tan, Buttress Thread, No Longer Manufactured None Available195931$43.20NLA
FI-01596No ImagePentair, Pac Fab 19-5930, Tank Bottom, FNS24, Tan, Buttress Thread, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialble195930$0.00NLA
FI-01595No ImagePentair, Pac Fab 19-5935, Tank Bottom, FNS36/48/60 Polymeric, Black, Buttress Thread, No Longer Manufactured, None Available195935$0.00NLA
FI-01594No ImagePentair, Pac Fab 192182, Rod 5/16 x 13 Inch Manifold Retainer, FNS2419-2182$33.60
FI-01593No ImagePentair, Pac Fab 19-2141, Rod 5/16 x 19 Inch Manifold Retainer, FNS36192141$49.83
FI-01592No ImagePentair, Pac Fab 19-2185, Rod 5/16 x 33-1/2 Inch Manifold Retainer, FNS60192185$57.15
FI-01591 192184 Click on ImagePentair, Pac Fab 19-2184 Rod 5/16 x 27-1/2 Inches Manifold Retainer, FNS48192184$48.96
FI-01590No ImageValPak V36136, Rod 5/16 x 21.5 Inches Manifold Retainer, FNS36, Replaces Pentair 192183V36136$50.86
FI-01589No ImagePentair, Pac Fab 19-2182, Rod 5/16 x 15-1/2 Inch Manifold Retainer, FNS24192182$30.32
FI-01588No ImagePentair, Pac Fab 195337, Retainer Tank Seal, 15/16 Inches High, SS, After 03/9319-5337$29.98

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301 - 350 of 390

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